Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book is starting to come together!

At the end of every year, 21 pages we've worked on through out the year goes into a hand sewn book. Since this is my third year of Creative Arts, I will be taking home a third one this year! Not only do I like the book pages in this years book, but I noticed how each book is very very different from the previous years. This year I used a lot of acrylic and watercolor ink for most of my book pages and I am very satisfied to see all the colors going nicely together! I'm currently working on making the two card board covers for the book, then I will begin to fold the papers and soon they will be ready to be sewn together! This years theme I wanted for my book was to be Outer Space, and I believe the colors and textures I used closely intertwined with the idea and colors used Outer Space. I look forward to completing this years book within a few more weeks, as well as my junior year in high school!