Thursday, October 31, 2013

Compare and Contrase- Candy Jar and Bicycle Drawing

This marking period we had two assignments that needed to be completed... A bicycle drawing in graphite pencil and and Candy Jar drawing made with graphite pencils and prismacolor colored pencils. I enjoy working with Prismacolor pencils more than graphite pencils because I like working with color while working with realistically bright objects. Although I do like black and white contrast, as well as pencil drawings, I find colored pencils to be more enjoyable than graphite pencils. I have always found it difficult to use graphite pencils to an extent because I eventually become frustrated with the shading and textures I draw on the page. In the long run, I enjoyed the Candy Jar assignment much more than the Bicycle drawing using the graphite pencils. I look forward to the new assignments that lye ahead in marking period 2!!