Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bicycle Drawing - Graphite Pencil

Hello! The first Creative Arts assignment of the year was a bicycle drawing drawn with graphite pencils. In this assignment our class was instructed to draw a close up view of part of a bicycle on display in the middle of the classroom. I drew part of the chain on the bike.Although I have worked with graphite pencils in the past, I still find it difficult to use them for the purpose of shading and markings. Using graphite pencils are not my favorite tool to use in art but it is always beneficial to keep practicing with them and continue to use them. Before the final drawing we did thumb nail sketches of the bike. With me not quite being interested in drawing realistic objects, I tend to get distracted and often get distracted drawing something else. However, I did recognize that I have been getting better in shading and using graphite pencils in general.