Friday, January 17, 2014

Art x 3 Project

This project was very interesting. In this assignment we were to collaborate with two other students on one work with the theme being "Celebrity". Now when the theme is celebrity it is theme to visually express your interpretation of what the word celebrity means to you, and how you perceive it to be. I found this to be interesting because everyone has different opinions and views on social media, and people expressing it on a piece of work they are working on, everyone's pieces turn out completely different. On then first day of starting this assignment, we worked on it for two days. The number I was assigned was put on a sticker and into the folder where the unfinished piece stayed until the next person would work on it. That person would work on it for two days and then finally, we were given a third piece of work and 4 days to work on it and bring it to completion. I really enjoyed this assignment because although it doesn't look like much, my part in this piece, I felt, was visually expressed using the theme. This was a very different experiment for me, and it showed me to be able to let go of my work and give it to someone else. As most people, I would imagine, like being able to complete a piece  by themselves. It was interesting how this assignment played out and I really enjoyed myself!