Monday, April 8, 2013

Blurry Stars

Anna looked up into the blurry lights above and wiped the tears away from her face, she's been hiding her feelings for quite some time now. Every so often, Anna would visit her "secret spot" away from town which gave a lovely view of the night sky and hilltops to clear her mind. Although Anna was not feeling any better she began to get up until she heard snapping twigs and she froze. Terrified, Anna began to quickly search for a weapon in reach, since she's never seen anyone or any trace of a person here before. Frozen, Anna locks eyes with a pale man with gentle blue eyes.
"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I see you found my secret spot," said the man. "My names Matthew."
Matthew reached his hand out and shook Anna's shaky hand.
"I've been coming to this place ever since I was little. Once in a while I see you sitting by the rocks," Matthew continued, "but today I felt the need to talk to you, you've seemed upset. Is everything alright?" Matthew looked at Anna with a genuine smile.
"I'll be okay, thanks."

"No you're not okay, what's wrong?" Matthew said, urging her to speak.

"It's just.. I've been struggling through alot, I really appreciate you asking." Anna said.

"Like what? I'm here, I'm listening."

Anna stared at Matthew for a long minute and have a little smile. "My names Anna, and here is my story."

There are people out in the world that genuinely care about others, but people struggle to open up when they desire specific attention from certain individuals. What people need to realize, is that if the desired person isn't paying attention or caring, they are not worth your time. There are people out there, people need to open their hearts and listen, because someone out there truely needs an ear to talk to, or a mouth to listen to. It is more appreciated than words can express.